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Digital/Interactive/Experiential Techniques

We have broad experience working with diverse platforms to deliver your message to your audience through interactive multimedia production and design. It is not enough to provide an eye catching three dimensional billboard. We seek to create a sensory experience that resonates with each attendee, one that engages, captivates, measures and delivers actionable information to your sales and marketing team.

Electronic Multimedia Booth Integration

Enhanced Data Collection and Metrics
With implementation of an established protocol for data integration, collection, and sharing among the various activities in the trade show booth, we can provide an enhanced, more targeted experience for the visitors to the exhibit booth, and provide valuable real-time and follow-up information that will clearly outline ROI and other important metrics. In addition, the information collected will enable a continuing relationship with customers and prospects including ongoing communications. The data capture mechanism is built in to all interactive media pieces and standalone lead capture units. Data is captured from the attendee with a simple card swipe, providing full contact and profile information contained on the card. At the first interaction, the attendee would have the opportunity to "opt in" for further e-communication, as well as answer any brief survey or opinion questions that the client would like to pose.

Integration with existing database
As an optional component, an existing database of customers can be integrated, and checked each time a card is swiped. This provides the capability of "flagging" certain visitors and quietly alerting sales reps, MSLs, or other client personnel to their presence. This can be done via text message to the designated persons' cell phones. Other indications of the presence of key customers can also be used in the booth. For example, if a targeted physician or otherwise designated key customer swipes a badge at an interactive screen, the screen itself can display a small color-coded dot to quietly indicate that person's presence and stratum.

Enhanced Customer Experience with Electronic Information Delivery
The visitor experience in the trade show booth can be enhanced by providing a selection of electronic information that can be taken away at the conclusion of the visit. This can include clinical or technical documents, slides, information on product specifications, videos or animation. Each visitor's selection can be emailed, downloaded from a customized web page, or presented at the conclusion of the visit on a customized locked USB drive.

Electronic Literature Fulfillment
Cutting-edge multi-touch interactive environment allows users to browse through product literature, videos, slides and journal as never before. With a single click of the desired elements, the user can select and take with all materials on a CD or flash drive, or have them instantly e-mailed. The interface employs a new multi-touch platform that offers an increased level of interactivity and manipulation, enabling the use of multiple fingers to control images on a touch screen. These innovative technologies allow the user to pinch, rotate, zoom, move, and flip images for easy reading or viewing. It can be used to showcase products, demonstrate advanced technologies or concepts, or deliver rich media content and literature for personalized marketing deliverables.

Virtual presenters, holograms, empathic experiences... We suggest technology appropriate to capture attention, captivate your audience and deliver your unique message.